3 Reasons Your Email List Hates You

You know what Ms. Swift says… “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate…” However, sometimes haters have good reason for their not-so-friendly attitude. And when it comes to inboxes, people can be a little sensitive. In fact, your recipients may have good reason for putting you on their naughty list.

Obviously, you don’t want your email to be relegated to the trash heap, lumped in there with the bogus email from Anishka with the subject line “HEY tHere. I miss you.” So today we’re going to talk a little bit about why your email list hates you, and how you can turn that hate into true email bliss.

Reason #1 Your Email List Hates You: You Don’t Know Them

Just because you’ve acquired someone’s email address, doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to market to them. For instance, if you’ve connected with someone on LinkedIn, you may have access to their contact info. That doesn’t mean that this person should receive marketing emails. In fact, unless you specifically ask them if it’s okay to send them marketing emails, you may be violating the CAN-SPAM Act. By the way, the FTC doesn’t like that.

your email list hates youWorse yet, if you’ve purchased email addresses (never, ever do this), then your recipients are likely to banish your emails forever.

Lastly, perhaps you’ve partnered up with another company so that when someone opts in to their content, the contact also agrees to receive your marketing emails. If this isn’t extremely clear when the contact signs away their email address, you’ll likely see your opt out rates skyrocket.

Rule of thumb: unless someone has opted in to receiving your emails, don’t send them marketing emails.

Reason #2 Your Email List Hates You: Your Subject Lines Suck

Assuming that your contacts have agreed to receive marketing emails, if your subject lines are a snore, the email will never be opened.

spam-964521_1920Here are some tips for creating open-worthy subject lines:

  • Create curiosity
  • Personalize
  • Use casual lingo to improve familiarity
  • Create a sense of urgency (Now! Today! Hurry!)
  • Keep it brief (35 characters or less if most of your audience is on mobile, 70 if on desktop)

Use a subject line analyzer like this one, from subjectline.com. Be careful not to rely entirely on automated analyzers, though. They can’t measure human interest perfectly. For instance, the subject line, “Open this email now because I said so!” received a score of 100. I’m not so sure that a human recipient would find it so enticing.

Reason #3 Your Email List Hates You: You’re Needy

your email list hates youNo one likes a needy friend. You know the type. You met once and hit it off, but now they can’t seem to live without you. They text incessantly and are already making vacation plans even though you’ve just met. And while your heart feels a little sorry for them, you just can’t live like this. Don’t be that guy.

Space out your emails appropriately so as not to annoy your email list. If someone has just opted in to your content, don’t send them an offer the very next day. Give it some time, perhaps 3-5 days before you get in touch again. Then, maintain contact once per week or so. You can tweak this using trial and error, to meet the reaction of your audience.

In the end, some people are gonna be haters, but if you’re avoiding these three bad email habits and someone still opts out, you can just shake it off.

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