5 Apps You Need for Compelling Visual Content

Are you one of those ultra-secure people who never go back to see how many likes your Facebook post received, or how many hearts your Instagram post got? Yeah, me neither. Most of us want to see if what we posted has any value to our friends, and we try to post content that will have some sort of positive impact on people.

To that end, you’ve probably noticed that images and videos perform far better than text-only posts. Really, when was the last time you even posted just some text? Yes, occasionally someone puts out a text post that holds you hostage emotionally. “I want to see if you really care about me and read my posts, even without an image, so like this and repost.” 

Liz Lemon

The bottom line is that we want visuals! And when we’re talking inbound marketing, we don’t just want any kind of visual content. We want the kind that is compelling, that moves our viewers to action.

So, what are the best tools out there to help you do that? I’m going to give you five of the best visual content apps that I use on a regular basis.

Visual Content Apps That Boost Your Inbound Marketing

1. Canva

For a free online creator, Canva can’t be beat. Founder, Melanie Perkins, conceived the idea for a simple drag-and-drop program that would allow users to create beautiful layouts without needing a college degree in design. And she accomplished this beautifully.

In just a matter of minutes (seconds, if you’re really good), you can use Canva to create blog post images, calls to action, infographics, Facebook ads — nearly any type of graphic you could imagine.

compelling visual contentThe best part is that it’s free! Well, the free version is free, and that may be all you need. The Canva for Work version costs about $120 a year and allows you to resize your designs, upload your own fonts, save images in folders, and save your brand colors for easy reference.

2. Giphy

If you’re a fan of gifs (like the Liz Lemon one above), then giphy has you covered. Thousands of animated gifs are at your fingertips in this free app. Or, you can use it to make your own!

3. Smartmockups

Let’s say you’ve created an ebook and you want a sophisticated way of showcasing it. You could just take a screenshot of it and display it on your landing page. Or, you could add that screenshot to a mockup that shows a real person reading your ebook on a tablet.

Smartmockups has dozens of free layouts, that includes tablets, phones, watches, desktops, and laptops.

4. Unsplash

If you want to avoid cheesy stock photos (who decided that eight people sitting around a conference table, smiling, looks natural?), then head to Unsplash. Hundreds of stunning, free, high-resolution images are awaiting you.

Although I love Unsplash, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Gratisography. There are few times when I’m feeling truly brave enough to use their weirdness in my visual content. But knowing it’s there, I’m just hoping the time will come when I’ll need an image like this:

compelling visual content

Hey, you never know.

5. Snapseed

Snapseed is perfect for editing those Instagram shots before posting them. In reality, if you own a restaurant, you don’t want the hassle of taking a photo of tonight’s menu, then uploading it to your laptop, editing it, and finally posting it.

Snapseed is a free app from Google that allows you professional-style editing to you photos, right on your phone.

You know compelling visual content rarely happens in a snapshot. So, if you want to create visuals that drive leads, that motivate viewers to action, you’ll need to invest a little bit of time into making them stunning, just like you are. Hey, the 137 likes your last post received prove it’s true, right?

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Pamela Keniston is a guest author for Seapoint Digital. She has been a small business owner since she was 18 years old. She currently operates Elle Digital Management, where she incorporates project management, digital marketing, and strategic planning to help businesses succeed. In the past, she has assisted Fortune 500 companies like Berkshire Hathaway in their marketing efforts. Pamela is fluent in French (and speaks a little Swahili as well).