5 SEO Mistakes You Are Making

SEO is very important if you want your business to get noticed. But sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the right tips vs. the wrong tips. Here are 5 of the most common SEO mistakes.

1. Title tags and Meta Descriptions

There is a common misconception that title tags and meta descriptions have a major impact on your SEO rankings. The correct answer is meta descriptions don’t influence rankings but title tags still do. That doesn’t mean they are not important! Taking the time to write good copy for your meta descriptions  is your first call to action, sets you apart from the others and increases your click through rate.

Google Search

IMG_11252. Not having a mobile optimized website.

As we’ve said before in a previous blog, mobile search is growing everyday. In fact, Google has made having a mobile friendly website part of their algorithm. That being said, not having a website that is mobile friendly can really hurt your SEO.

3. Duplicate Content

This can come across in many different ways. Using the same content with a different URL, multiple pages with similar content, or even multiple URLs that are similar can effect your SEO results. Duplicate content can cause search engines to not understand which page is which and what page has the most credit for your searchers.

4. Quantity over Quality

It’s important to have content, and it’s important to not have it all on one page. However, taking 3 quality content pages and breaking it into 15 not so quality pages for the sake of having more pages to crawl is not going to help you. Search engines would rather see fewer pages with meaty content then many pages with skimpy content.

5. Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing doesn’t just not help, it hinders your SEO and credibility to your readers. Case and point:

SEO Keyword Example

Even the untrained SEO eye can tell something isn’t right about this. More often then not, keyword stuffing comes across as spammy and unreliable.

And there you have it! 5 of the most common SEO mistakes.

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Courtney has numerous certifications from Hubspot and years of experience with client management. She specializes in local search engine optimization, Google Analytics, and understanding the nuts and bolts of Hubspot’s automation platform. In her spare time, she is an accomplished violinist.