Why You Should Utilize HubSpot for Insurance Marketing

should you use hubspot insurance marketing

It is no secret that HubSpot is a great tool to help with your marketing strategy. Whether you are a B2B business or a contractor, HubSpot has many tools that can help you succeed. But what are some of the best ways that you can utilize HubSpot specifically for Insurance Marketing? In our opinion, these are the top 4 methods.

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Making an Impact: How HubSpot Made the Impossible Work in Affinity Insurance

digital marketing for affinity insurance

Amid the chaos and confusion of changing laws during the ACA Open Enrollment period, how do you market a commodity insurance product to a finite number of busy professionals who, for the most part, already have a connected relationship with their own insurance professional? By using an assertive, multi-faceted Inbound Marketing strategy: leveraging the power … Read more

Will the Facebook News Feed Changes Break Your Business?

online marketing facebook

If you’re a business owner, chances are good that you’ve promoted your business on Facebook, the most popular social media platforms. But if you haven’t heard the news, Facebook has just announced that they’re cutting down how often your business posts get seen on Facebook. If you’ve taken advantage of this social platform for free exposure, … Read more

Google My Business Changes for 2018

google my business new year

The year saw some big changes to Google My Business features. Some of these were exciting, some were challenging. How will these changes shape your business’ prospects in the coming year? What changes should we continue to look for? Let’s find out. Google Posts Google Posts is a product that opened up to all small … Read more

Social Media Marketing for Affinity Insurance Groups

social media marketing for affinity insurance

When it comes to marketing, affinity insurance groups have unique needs. We’ve previously talked about some of the strategies that work well with digital marketing for affinity insurance groups, but in this article, we narrow our focus to their needs for social media marketing. Here are 5 important tips to make your social marketing strategy a greater success.

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3 Social Media Marketing Tips for Insurance Agencies

Whether your insurance business is new or old, it’s not too late to jump on the social media marketing train. In fact, this strategy for marketing can prove to be a solid investment of both your time and resources. If you have already joined a social media platform, maybe you’re wondering if it’s the right choice for your agency, if there are others that you should be joining and whether you’re promoting yourself in the right way. We’re here to help you! Here are 3 quick social media tips for insurance agencies.

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Affinity Marketing for Insurance Products

PiMA award insurance marketing

With our Best of PiMA award arriving this past week, (for our work on behalf of the Texas Medical Association Insurance Trust with our friends at Bodden Partners) it’s an appropriate time to reflect on and share the insights we’ve learned over the past year. As we continue to work extensively with association insurance marketing, we’ve developed and refined our Inbound Marketing strategy so we can leverage the unique challenges and opportunities that affinity marketing entails. Here are the top four lessons we’ve learned on our way to winning ‘Best of PIMA’ from the Professional Insurance Marketing Association this year.

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Should I Quit Using HubSpot?  

issues with hubspot

As a business owner or manager, you keep a close eye on your marketing budget and are very aware of when things aren’t going the way they should. If, some time ago, you invested in HubSpot marketing software, and you aren’t feeling the love, is it time to cut the cord?

You’re likely feeling frustrated and are ready to quit using HubSpot – but first, we’d like to say that HubSpot may not be the problem. Like any good tool, to be effective, it must be used for its intended purpose, and with skill. So before you decide to ditch the marketing software, take a moment and analyze the situation.

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Does It Matter if I Have a Responsive Website?

website design maine

I’m sure many of our readers can remember a time when phones were not smart, tablets were made of stone, and computers were our only access to the worldwide web. But that is no longer the case. We live in a world where technology is always changing. Screens range from the size of your pocket to the size of your television – and everything in between.  How can you make sure that the message you want to convey is looks good –  regardless of what screen your viewer has?

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