Why Your Brand Needs Twitter

10402023_761441313877407_4958626954969656407_nI’m going to be frank: Twitter is awesome. To all you Twitter doubters, let me reassure you – Twitter is not just for the narcissist bragging about the fabulous muffin they had for breakfast or the 7 hours they spent at the gym (which, of course, didn’t get in the way of the gourmet meal they cooked for dinner).  Sure, they’re out there, but plenty of businesses are “owning it” when using Twitter to market their business. So why the skeptics?

One reason is that social media has grown so big, so fast, that it’s easy for businesses to feel overwhelmed. They choose the familiar playground of Facebook, rather than the challenge of  Twitter, Google+, and even Pinterest for that matter. Sadly, their profits  usually reflect such a passive view to marketing. Social media is a competitive market and in order to compete you need to widen your horizons when it comes to social media marketing.

So why Twitter? Twitter is a great way to humanize your brand, in fact, it may be the best social media platform to do so. The laid-back environment is conducive for giving your fans a behind the scenes glimpse of what makes you and your brand worth their loyalty.  We understand that change can be hard and even a little scary,so we’ve taken the guesswork out of Twitter. Trust us, use these Twitter tips to market your company and you’ll be a Twitter lover in no time.

 1. A Good Twitter Handle is Key

When using Twitter to market your brand, choosing a good Twitter handle is important. Be sure to pick a handle that’s relevant to your brand or campaign and easy to remember. Doing so will make finding your brand easy for users. The handle you choose becomes part of your customized Twitter URL (ex: twitter.com/yoursite or twitter.com/yourtopic).

2. Choose Your Twitter Account Name Wisely

Equally as important as your handle is your account name. The account name appears next to your profile and can be different than your handle/URL. Your goal:  an account name that promotes yourself, your company or your brand, making it easy for fans to find you.

3. Define Yourself – The Bio Section

This is your 160 character (Yep, that’s right: They give you more characters than a normal tweet) opportunity to capture the essence of your brand in a clever, dynamic, and unique way. Include the most important, mission-critical and keyword phrases for your company. Take advantage of all 160 characters! Your bio is consistently indexed so its contents are what provide your Twitter page with core relevance.

4. Introduce Yourself

It will be difficult to grow your audience if no one knows you exist in the Twitter hemisphere. Integrate your Twitter URL into your website by placing a call to action on the site for your customers to follow you on Twitter. Make sure to include social media buttons on your emails, websites, and other social media platforms. This not only reminds customers you’re on Twitter, but makes it easy for them to follow.

5. Keep it Short and Simple

Twitter puts a limit on the length of Tweets. Short and sweet is all that’s needed. Avoid bogging down tweets with more words than necessary. Remember, Twitter is fun and informal – keep it simple! Another reason to keep Tweets on the short side is to allow for optimal “retweetability.” If you want a message to proliferate on Twitter, keep it short so your followers can add RT @YourHandle without the tweet being cut-off. A tweet that exceeds the character limit will fail to get your point across.

6. Provide Some Link Love

Insert back links to direct users back to your content. Twitter has proven to be a significant traffic driver for bloggers and others using the space to share links. If you do share links, use one of the many URL shorteners available (TinyURL and Bit.ly are two common shorteners). We recommend using the URL shortener Bit.ly, as it tracks click-throughs for the specific links you share on the platform. These “shorteners” are key to staying within your Twitter character limit.

7. Tweet Regularly

If you want to grow your followers, you need to engage your audience. You will not do this tweeting once a month. Tweeters are hungry for information and accustomed to getting it “right now.” Feed your fans regularly with current content and they will loyally follow.

Still feeling overwhelmed at the thought of Twitter. We can help. We work with you, customizing a social media management plan that’s perfect for you and your business. Contact us today, we’d love to work with you.







Bill has a long history in internet marketing, with a strong background in search engine optimization and interactive marketing. With a combined 20 years of teaching, he has spoken and trained at national and international events on the topics of Digital Marketing.