Contractors and Designers: Three Tips for Matterport Tours

It has evolved into a well-rounded tool that can help people in many types of business. This includes contractors and designers. Today we’re going to dive into 4 different ways Matterport can help you professionals in the design or construction industry.

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Best Digital Marketing Tactics for Contractors

If you’re in the construction business, you likely know that one of your biggest barriers to signing new prospects is credibility. Sadly, too many sketchy contractors have depleted the faith of many homeowners and business owners.

As a result, you may face prejudice as a result of tardy, over-budget contractors that have spawned running jokes about the credibility of almost anyone in construction. And although word-of-mouth marketing remains a mainstay of any contractor’s livelihood, it is absolutely possible to convert cold contacts into satisfied customers that generate revenue for your company.

How can you do this successfully? Through careful and deliberate use of digital marketing tactics.

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