Digital Marketing For Chinese Firms

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How can digital marketing help your firm expand its market?

Your company’s goal is to establish yourself in the foreign market and attract the attention of foreigners, and you find it difficult. Why? Since the cultural differences are great, the methods of attracting foreigners and Chinese are also very different. The manner of communication, the way of thinking, the secret to satisfying customers, and the way to establish relationships are different from culture to culture. Even harder, the foreign digital realm and social culture are changing day by day.

How do you handle this? Let us deal with the details so you can focus on the big picture.

Our award-winning marketing strategies can be adapted to suit your business needs. We use the best contact outreach tools and data analysis tools to introduce you to potential customers and enable you to build and strengthen relationships with your customers. The most important thing is to create a positive and powerful online image in the eyes of foreign customers.

Our International Accounts Manager Daniel has lived in China for more than three years. While he was studying in China, he found many ways to overcome the difficulties caused by cultural differences. Combined with the foreign marketing skills and experience of the Seapoint Digital USA team, we can help your business in a way that no mainland marketing company can do.

Want to understand how Seapoint Digital and HaiJiao International can help you specifically? Make an appointment with Daniel.

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Ways Seapoint Digital can help your company grow:



  • optimized for great search results online
  •  responsive capabilities so your viewers can see your site on mobile, tablet or desktop
  • attractive, up-to-date design 
  • professionally written content with great attention to detail


  • creative content each week
  • regularity drives engagement
  • social media advertising 
  • help to create accounts and choosing the right platforms


  • ability to find and target your ideal customer
  • effective for small or large budgets
  • pay for clicks, not views
  • advertise on various platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram)


  • create effective email campaigns that get results
  • results-driven: more of what works, less of what doesn’t
  • craft professional blog content to keep followers engaged
  • engage with leads using sales/promotions, events, newsletters

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