Facebook Engagement – Getting Fans Involved

You’ve set out to market your brand on Facebook – Good. However, having a Facebook page and adding a post every month or so will not engage loyal followers. A stagnant Facebook page will do little, if anything to market your company. So the question is: “How do we get fans to interact with our page?”

Tips to Market Your Business on Facebook

As business owners we don’t just want fans – we want engaged fans. A page with a million followers may sound appealing, but if those fans never interact with your content they are dead weight. We need our fans engaged – liking, sharing and commenting on our posts. This not only increases exposure, but also adds credibility to our brand. Here are 4 tips to get fans involved.

A1B4D60E6CPost During High Traffic Times. 

You could have content that Forbes would be jealous of, but if no one sees it – little is gained. Research shows the best time to post on Facebook is between 1 and 4 p.m. Wednesday at 3 p.m. EST is the peak time of the week to post and weekend posts result in less engagement than weekdays.Of course, every demographic is different.Conduct your own study – add posts at times you think would be strategic in reaching your audience. Chart the results. The best time to increase exposure may not be the most convenient time for you but if the result is engaged fans, it’s worth it.

Get to the get to the pointPoint. 

Social media has created an on demand atmosphere. People check their Twitter accounts after a disaster rather than read a newspaper. Why? The public wants current news as quickly as possible. We get annoyed when our internet speeds are down and websites crash. We want updates and we want them now.How can that information help us when posting an update? Keep it simple and to the point. Maybe we can blame it on Twitter’s 100 character requirement, but research shows 100 characters or less has higher rate of engagement from fans.

Use Images When Posting.

Posts with images get 94% more total views – 94%! If someone came up to you tomorrow and said I can increase your engagement on social media by over 90% you would be skeptical – it sounds too good to be true. Well it is true – use images in your posts.

question-mark-330933_640Ask Questions.

Everyone has an opinion and most enjoy sharing it. This doesn’t need to be complicated and can work to your advantage. Maybe you’re having a new logo designed – ask your audience which graphic they like better. I used a question recently for my photography business.  I asked fans what’s more important: a photo disk or prints. The results were immediate. It turned into a viral post and the feedback helped me tweak my product list.Your question doesn’t always need to be business related. In fact, guard against over promoting your business. Use the rule of thirds when promoting your business – 1/3 of your posts should be promoting your business. A simple “We want to know – how are you spending your weekend?” may do the trick. It also humanizes your company.

These simple tips will get fans involved – increasing exposure and adding credibility to your brand.  Need help increasing your social media presence? Are you tired of feeling lost in the social media crowd? Give Seapoint a call,  we’ll be happy to help your business reach it’s full potential.

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