LinkedIn for the Social Media Challenged

My husband got a new job. Yes, you are reading an article about getting started on LinkedIn, just bear with me a minute. He transitioned from being a mason, to a project manager at his company. He said goodbye to the trowel Getting Started on LinkedInand hello to an office. With that office came this strange new thing, called social networking.

Now my husband is a bright guy, in fact, that’s why he landed this cool new job, but when it comes to the internet, and social networking he hasn’t a clue. Let’s just say it would be like me trying to read his blueprints, it’s not happening. Soon after he was established in the office, he started getting requests – LinkedIn requests.  Not knowing what LinkedIn was all about,  he’d just accept the invitation and go on with his day.

Does that sound like you? Many business professionals are doing the same thing. In fact, their profiles look just like my husband’s – no profile picture, no bio, and a few connections. So for all those business professionals who need a little help getting started on LinkedIn, this is for you.

Why Join LinkedIn?

Why join LinkedIn? Because with more than 225 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is a great social tool to make professional connections. Let’s put it this way – it’s the Facebook of business professionals. The keyword being “professionals.”

Unlike Facebook’s feed that is loaded with selfies, pictures of puppies, and photos of cute (or not so cute) kids, LinkedIn provides a professional environment. It’s the perfect place to network with like minded professionals, gain business exposure, and even land a new job.  Business owners are realizing the value of the networking site, too. According to data compiled by Wishpond, 27 million brands have a LinkedIn company page.

Getting Started on LinkedIn

  1.  Choose a professional looking head shot. Once you’ve signed up for your account, there are a few things you will want to take care of immediately. Upload a profile photo. Choose wisely, this is often a person’s first impression of you.  Professional doesn’t have to mean a boring head shot from Sears. Simply make sure it’s good quality, and will help others see you as the professional you are.
  2. Optimize your profile. How can you make sure your LinkedIn profile is a good one? Keywords. When people search for you on LinkedIn, your profile enables them to locate you. If you haven’t utilized keywords to lead them to your profile, they’ll likely never find you. Another good reason to use keywords in your profile? Google loves them and that can do wonders for your SEO.
    Feeling a little lost when choosing keywords? Scan the jobs section of LinkedIn looking for open positions that are similar to yours. Use these keywords in your profile.
  3.  Be active! This isn’t rocket science, the more active you are on LinkedIn – posting, commenting etc., the more your account will grow. Start by sharing high quality content with either all your connections, or a particular group. Just make sure you’re sharing, if you’re not, your connections will suffer.
  4. Join groups. Spend any amount of time on LinkedIn and you’ll start noticing groups. These groups are a great way to network with your customers, peers, and other professionals in the industry. You can join up to 50 groups, so use them to your advantage. Choose groups that relate to your line of work, and that give you the opportunity to impress potential customers.

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Bill has a long history in internet marketing, with a strong background in search engine optimization and interactive marketing. With a combined 20 years of teaching, he has spoken and trained at national and international events on the topics of Digital Marketing.