Inbound Fundamentals: 5 Ways to Have an Awesome Landing Page

Landing pages are an essential component in inbound marketing and will help you convert your unknown website visitors into known leads. Before we talk about the five ways to make an awesome landing page, let’s define what a landing page is and how it fits into the inbound marketing methodology.

What is a Landing Page?

A well-designed landing page drives anonymous website visitors into your marketing cycle by providing an enticing offer in exchange for specific information. In essence, landing pages are your digital sales reps. The page’s content talks directly to the visitors and helps you build a relationship with the visitor in order to convert them into leads.

Landing pages have three main components:

  1. An Offer – what you will give your visitor in exchange for their information
  2. A Form – a place for you to gather their information
  3. A Call To Action (CTA) – what do they have to do to get the offer?

Landing pages work. Hubspot, a leading inbound marketing agency, has reported that companies with more than 30 landing pages experienced 7 times more leads than competitors with less than 10 landing pages.

Here are five ways to make sure your landing pages are awesome:

  1. Strive for a 20% Conversion Rate

As you begin using landing pages, have a goal to convert 20% of your visitors into leads. That means that out of 100 visitors, 20 will be intrigued by your offer, fill out your form and follow your CTA. You’re not going to get everyone with one landing page, making it important to have at least 15 landing pages to reach multiple audiences in various stages of the buyer’s journey.

  1. Use Time Wisely

clock-650753_1920You have seconds to grab the attention of your visitor. In general, your visitor will take less than 10 seconds to digest what’s on your landing page and make a decision to sign up or not. Within that 10 seconds, they’ll analyze the offer, see what’s needed from them, and determine whether they want to hand over their precious information in exchange for the offer. You want to make those 10 seconds count!

Look at your landing pages. Do they take longer than 10 seconds to figure out what’s being offered? Make the design, content and grab as clear as possible. By simulating your visitors’ experience on your page, you’ll be able to determine how they’ll digest the page’s content.

  1. Use Clear, Concise Language and Design

When you’re creating the content for your landing page, make sure it’s clear to decipher. Remember point #2 – you only have limited time with your visitor; if your content isn’t clear, you’ll lose their attention.

Your page’s headline needs to be short and to the point, but it also needs to be action oriented. Make it clear that your offer (and your company) will solve the visitors’ problems. The headline should also state what they need to do (download, watch, visit, etc) and what it is they’ll receive when they sign up (eBook, video download, booklet, etc).

Below the headline, explain your offer in 1-3 clear sentences. Use numbers, bullet points and bolding in order to keep the visitor engaged and focused on what’s important. Try to keep as much information ‘above the fold’ of the webpage to minimize scrolling.

  1. Remove Distractions

While many may think a landing page is an easy extension of their web page, it’s actually far more than that. Not only is it a focused page targeting a specific customer, but it’s also a page that has one purpose – to generate leads. In order to do that, you need to remove any distractions.

A good rule of thumb is to remove navigations menus and links that your regular web site may contain. Your visitors have one thing they can do on this specific page – sign up for your offer.

  1.  Provide Sharing Opportunities

NOTALL WHO WANDERARE LOSTWhile you do want to remove distractions for your visitors, you also give them opportunity to share your content and tell their networks about your offer. Make sure to have your social icons easily noticeable on the page.

If you still have questions as to what a landing page is, or how to utilize them in your inbound marketing strategy, Seapoint Digital is here to help. We’re landing page experts and can help you get started on creating powerful landing pages to turn visitors into leads.






Bill has a long history in internet marketing, with a strong background in search engine optimization and interactive marketing. With a combined 20 years of teaching, he has spoken and trained at national and international events on the topics of Digital Marketing.