Inbound Fundamentals: What Are the Benefits of Having a Social Monitoring Tool?

We, here at Seapoint Digital, keep going on and on about social media and the benefit of social marketing. As part of your inbound marketing strategy, social media plays a huge role in attracting people to your web site, and ideally, turning those visitors into leads and customers.

How are you able to manage all your social media markets and platforms while also successfully running your business? A social monitoring tool is a huge benefit if you’re trying to carry out a cohesive social media marketing strategy.

A social monitoring tool allows you to connect your various social media accounts into one platform to help you monitor, publish, and assess your social media marketing efforts.

How Important Is Social Media?

Would you believe that just 6 hours a week can help boost your leads on social media? Social Media Examiner surveyed marketers and noted that just 6 hours a week boosted their social media leads by 66%. Eighty percent of marketers also said that they not only got leads, but they found solid leads from their social media efforts.

social-media-763731_1280A staggering 2 billion people are active on social media worldwide. Regardless of the product you sell or the service you provide, your customers—and prospective customers—are on social media. And your customers are making decisions, even purchase decisions, based on your brand’s presence on social media.

If you’ve been following our series on Inbound Fundamentals, you’ll know that social media plays a large role in the inbound methodology. It helps you to not only reach your potential customers, but also interact with your current and past customers.

Utilizing a Social Monitoring Tool

To get the most out of social media, Hubspot, a leading online marketing agency, suggests thinking of your strategy as a research paper. While we may disdain the thought of writing papers, the steps are similar with social media.

Research. Write. Get feedback.

A social monitoring tool is kind of like your library, word processor and professor wrapped into one. You can research and monitor your competitors and customers, in addition to learning about industry trends and your buyer personas.

You can write, publish and distribute tweets and status updates directly from the tool. Your efforts on social media will determine how your networks perceive your brand. People interact with companies differently based on their social media presence.

socialmedia-952091_1280And lastly (but certainly not least), you can get feedback (reports) about all your interactions and progress online. Monitoring your ROI on social media doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of vaynermedia, shared an excellent ROI example on a social media investment.

Nilla Wafers sales had been flat for a decade. After allocating their entire yearly budget to social media, the age-old brand saw a 9% sales increase in one year. Talk about ROI! Vaynerchuk says, ‘this isn’t about impressions, this isn’t about Nielsen ratings, we sold a lot more stuff. That is the actual business.’

By utilizing a social monitoring tool, you’re able to assess your efforts, track your ROI, and, ultimately, see the fruits of your labor. Or to stick with the research paper analogy, you’ll get your final grade and be able to see what you’re doing well on and where you can improve in terms of social media.

If you need help choosing a social monitoring tool or help getting a foothold in social media, we, the Seapoint Digital team, are experts in all things social. We can monitor your social media environment, distribute content, and analyze your analytics with you. Call today to see how we can help you take your inbound marketing efforts to the next level.