Why Instagram for Business is a Smart Idea

A photo really does say a thousand words. I just read the other day that Facebook is making it harder for marketers brain-processor(what a surprise!) by limiting the audiences for text-only statuses that brands post on their pages. That means that if your business doesn’t have an Instagram account, you’re going to be missing out on lots of potential customers’ eyes!

When I think about social networks that are doing it right, Instagram comes to the forefront of my brain. I’m a very visual person, as most people are. I read a study on how our brains process information and the numbers were astounding: our brains process visual material 60,000 times faster than text material. That’s huge! In today’s busy world, you can’t afford to just attract visitors to you if you’re not using content that catches their eyes quickly.

Instagram by the Numbers

Instagram launched a mere 4 years ago, but boasts 200 million active monthly users of the service. A recent study found that college-aged women spend about 26 minutes per day on Instagram. 60 MILLION photos are shared EVERY day. That’s an insane amount of photos. In another article I’ll show you how to get the best visibility amongst the noise. But for now, why should you have an account?

What Does This Mean for Me?

The numbers for Instagram matter for you because in the world we live in, content is king. You want to stand out from your competitors by having a fierce social media marketing strategy. You want to attract strangers to your brand and you want to keep loyal customers loyal. By showing off who you are as a company on Instagram, you can do just that. By creating quality photos on Instagram, you can stand out in a noisy online world. Instagram is a great way to tell your one of a kind brand story, which will draw curious visitors right to you. Everyone loves a wonderfully crafted story. Think how visually pleasing your company can be by sharing instant squares and getting instant love on those photos.

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