How to Make Your Facebook Page Irresistible

There’s been a lot of talk recently about Facebook closing down like-gating November 5, 2014. When I first heard the news, I admit, I may have panicked a bit. But, after doing my research (and some brainstorming) I decided that, much like the posters that dominated much of 2013, I needed to “Keep Calm, and carry on.” No, I’m not talking about luggage on airplanes. I’m talking about everyone that read how Facebook is closing down like-gating and is panicking. Take a deep breath. There are other ways to get people to discover your business. You don’t have to “dangle the carrot” in order to get your fan numbers up.

There’s a Silver Lining to This Cloud

woman hand pressing Like button, background in bokeh
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I happen to agree with what Harshdeep Singh said in the post from August 7, when he said that the goal of closing the like-gate is “To ensure quality connections and help businesses reach the people who matter to them, we want people to like Pages because they want to connect and hear from the business, not because of artificial incentives. We believe this update will benefit people and advertisers alike.

Did you hear that? By closing down like-gating, you’re not just going to gain numbers, but actually those fans that you want, the ones that will become customers, the ones that will, when they see how cool your business is on Facebook, become the customers who stick with you, praising you to their friends, who will check you out because of their trusted recommendations.

So, how to get the fans to come to you?

There are a couple of reasons, and I’m going to list them in no specific order. All I’ll say is that if you follow these steps, you’ll have more fans in no time.

  1. Advertise on Facebook. Sure, you’re thinking, that sounds great, but ads are expensive. Let me stop you right there. While traditional advertising may be expensive, Facebook advertising doesn’t have to be! Here’s an example. We recently boosted a post on Facebook for our company, and the post reached 8,360 people. How much did we spend reaching those people who wouldn’t normally see one of our posts? $20.00. That’s right. It costs more to fill up your gas tank!
  2. Create Content With Your Target Audience in Mind. Sit down and think about, not who your audience is right now, but who you want it to be. Then, focus on creating posts that align with those personas. If you do this, they’ll find you.
  3. In line with Point 2, post visual aids. You’ve heard the expression, “A picture says a thousand words.” Put that to work for you by posting photos and videos, content that will attract your audience to want to follow you. By posting visuals, you’re putting yourself ahead of the rest of the textual news feed! You’re going to stand out from the competition for sure.
  4. Going along with the last two points, create content that showcases your personality. When you want to be friends with somebody, you put your best foot forward. Do the same with your Facebook Page. Show people what your business is about. Show them that you’re genuine, show them that you’re fun, and show them that you’re a hard-working business.

That’s Great News, But…

Feeling a little bit overwhelmed? Don’t worry; like I said at the start of this post, “Keep Calm.” Maybe you don’t have enough time to implement these points, since you’re a hard-working business owner, but you still want to have a strong online presence. That’s okay! Here at Seapoint Digital, we want to see your business grow. In addition to offering help with your digital advertising, we also offer social media management. We can show your potential fans how awesome your business is to work with. Give us a call today!