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How can digital marketing help your business?

Building a successful contracting business takes more than just keeping up with code requirements and choosing the best power tools. As the responsible party for your business, you need to find potential customers and turn them into happy, paying customers. One powerful way to find the right clientele for your business is digital marketing.

The right digital marketing strategies can set your company apart from your competitors. Not only does digital marketing help new customers find your business, it can also let your existing customers share their positive experiences with potential customers.

These days, more and more people look online to find the right contractor. They may search directly through Google or Bing, check for reviews of your work, and even use social media to ask their friends for references.

By using the right digital marketing techniques, you’ll keep your business in front of the right people — increasing your chances of landing the jobs you want.

Using our specialized tools and time-tested strategies, we can help you:

  • find new leads,
  • create a positive image for your business, and
  • nurture and grow relationships with your current customers.

All with very little time and effort on your part! Choose Seapoint Digital to be your online marketing partner, and find the success you need to keep your business running smoothly and profitably.

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How Seapoint Digital Can Help Your Company Grow:



  • Optimized for great search engine results online
  • Responsive capabilities so your viewers can see your site on mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Attractive, up-to-date design 
  • Professionally written content with great attention to detail


  • Regular, creative content each week that helps consistently drive engagement
  • Social media advertising 
  • Help to creating social media accounts and choosing the right platforms for you


  • Ability to find and target your ideal customer
  • Effective for small or large budgets
  • Pay for clicks, not views
  • Advertise on various platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram)


  • Create effective email campaigns that get results
  • Results-driven: more of what works, less of what doesn’t
  • Craft professional blog content to keep followers engaged
  • Engage with leads using sales/promotions, events, newsletters
  • Contact management with HubSpot
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