Variety is the Spice of Social Media Marketing

They say variety is the spice of life. We here at Seapoint Digital say that variety is the spice of social media marketing. What do we mean by that? In this article, I will explain why your social media marketing strategy should always include a variety of videos, links, photos, and text in your brand’s updates. 

Why Should My Company Use a Variety in Our Social Media Marketing?

When researching this article, I came across an interesting statistic from the Pew Research Center on the State of Social Media. It stated that 10% of Facebook users who “took a break” from the site did so because “it was a waste of time/the content was not relevant.” Compare that with the fact that the average human’s attention span is eight seconds (down from 12 seconds in the year 2000, and one second less than the average goldfish’s attention span), and your odds are already stacked at reaching your target audience.

Maybe We Should Start Marketing to Goldfish

social media marketing to goldfish…after all, they do have a longer attention span than us.

But realistically, how can you reach your ideal buyer personas with studies like the above, and the fact that some social media networks are becoming more and more “pay to play” sites for us marketers?

The answer: use a variety of content methods to spice up your social media marketing efforts.

Think about it: by using a combination of links, text, videos and photos in your social media marketing, you’ll be able to keep the ever-dwindling attention of social media users, also thwarting the users who take a break from social media because content is not relevant for them. By mixing things up in your social media marketing, you’ll also attract new users to your profiles, and maybe even be able to refine your buyer personas in the meantime!

That’s All Great, But How Do I Do This in the Real World?

Social media marketing is not easy. I spend my time working in the trenches of it, but it can be done, and not be a headache for your business. Keeping up to date with current trends in social media marketing and the various social platforms, having a well-informed team who will go the extra mile, and knowing your ultimate goal in the social-sphere will get you off on the right foot.

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