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A Brief Introduction to Our Team

We’re a small, vibrant team of marketing professionals based in Southern Maine, just a few minutes from the Atlantic coast, and about an hour outside of the bustling city of Boston. Our company was founded in 2011 by our CEO, Bill Cutrer.

We’re a close-knit team with integrity and a lot of heart, working hard to make our clients more profitable. We’re excited to say that we’ve won some prestigious awards in doing so. In the past year alone, we were awarded the HubSpot Impact Award for the first quarter (in the category of Inbound Growth Story) and were recognized as “Best of PIMA” from the Professional Insurance Marketing Association at their 2018 Marketing Methods Competition (a joint award with our colleagues at Bodden Partners in NYC).

Seapoint Digital is a Certified Google Partner, as well as a HubSpot Gold Partner.

Keep scrolling to meet some of our team members!

Meet Our Team

Bill Cutrer


Bill has a long history in internet marketing, with a strong background in search engine optimization and interactive marketing. With a combined 20 years of teaching, he has spoken and trained at national and international events on the topics of Digital Marketing.

Gretchen Cobourne

Creative Director

Gretchen has 12 years of experience as a business owner and photographer and has overseen award-winning digital campaigns.  Here at Seapoint Digital, she crafts and coordinates content creation for our clients. If she’s not online, you’ll find her baking, playing the piano, or starting a DIY project that she may or may not finish.

Courtney Grogan

Senior Account Manager

Courtney has numerous certifications from Hubspot and years of experience with client management.  She specializes in local search engine optimization, Google Analytics, and understanding the nuts and bolts of Hubspot’s automation platform. In her spare time, she is an accomplished violinist.

account manager seapoint digital

Kristy Billingslea

Matterport Marketing Coordinator

Kristy has brought her experience in blog writing, social media, and photography to the team, making sure our clients look great on social media. Our unofficial “Empowerment Facilitator”, Kristy keeps us going with her positive vibes; and during football season, we share her love for all things Patriots!

Adia Montagna

Web Development Account Manager

Adia Montagna is a native of southern Maine. With a degree in Digital Media, she is a skilled graphic designer, web developer, and digital specialist. Outside the workplace, Adia is an accomplished cartoonist, composer, and barista.

Suzi Houde

Creative Development

Suzi has been specializing in visual communications for over 15 years. She holds a degree in fine arts and enjoys bringing clarity of understanding through aesthetics. According to her browser history, Suzi is deeply fascinated by maps, fonts, and etymology.

Jason Headshot

Jason White

Contractor Marketing Coordinator

Jason has a long history with construction. From starting as a laborer in his teens to building a successful business that his family could rely on, he has always enjoyed the work and been satisfied with the results. An Associate’s degree in Architectural Drafting aided him and quick understanding of what makes marketing a success made him a clear choice for our lead Contractor Marketing Coordinator.


Desmond Johnson

Accounts Manager

Desmond has been working in the field of construction for over 20 years. He has experience working with contractors on a variety of projects. For the last few years he utilized his skills digitally, working with contractors to build and improve their online presence.

Dan Lal

International Accounts Manager

While supporting a large, multinational non-profit, Dan gathered an extensive background in administration, training, and teaching.  Dan speaks Spanish and Mandarin, despite his Indian ancestry. Dan currently supports the content team while working with Seapoint to develop digital marketing strategies for Asian firms seeking to expand into western markets.

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