4 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You Love New England

Looking at pretty pictures is something we never grow out of. It’s the reason your aunt Shirley hauls out her photo album whenever you visit. And it’s the reason why you pull over to post a picture of a beautiful sunset on your way home from work. It’s why you have a camera on your phone. And why you love Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram…

Of course, you follow your family and friends on Instagram. But, sometimes you just crave beautiful images, not blurry snapshots of your cousin feeding her baby peas for the first time. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered.

Here are four Instagram accounts you need to follow if you love New England.

Instagram Accounts That Feed Your Love of The North

Some of these are business accounts and some are personal. I think what we can all take away from them is that our Instagram account shouldn’t be filled with selfies and bragging rights. In other words, it’s perfectly fine to promote something other than yourself or your business. In fact, it’s encouraged.

1. @greg_dubois

Instagram accounts to follow if you love new englandThis Boston photographer knows just how to capture the crisp Beantown topography in a way that makes it seem warm, inviting, and mystical all at once. Check out one of my favorites.

Whether you revel in the hot summers or crave the chilly winters of Boston, Greg’s images will satisfy your heart any time of the year.

2. @mainehomedesign

What do I love about these guys? They offer beautiful designs, for sure. However, it’s the way they are integrated beautifully in the local environment that catches my eye, such as in this image. Maine Home Design isn’t directly self-promotional, but you can’t help but appreciate how they have set a lovely backdrop for their designs.

3. @gkretchy

instagram accounts to follow if you love new englandRock 101’s Morning Buzz guy, Greg Kretschmar has been doing mornings since 1987. He also knows what the real coastal New England life looks like – at least the beautiful parts of it. From New Hampshire lupine fields to Sunset Wharf in Kittery, this guy knows 603 and 207 in a way most would envy.

4. @parkerstreetimagery

Erika Follansbee seems to be a bit new on the scene, but her collection of NH food and restaurant photography does not disappoint. Travel photos thrown in the mix, from places like Venice, round out Erika’s visual repertoire very nicely.

instagram accounts to follow if you love new england

I hope you get a chance to check out these stunning Instagram accounts, and that they will inspire you to create your very own visual melange of local beauty.

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