How Google Map Maker Can Help Your Business

Building a good marketing campaign is like building a house. You need a variety of different tools to do different jobs. Google Map Maker is a tool that can both benefit you and your customers. But before we can use a tool in a way that will benefit us, we first need to learn a little more about it.

So What Exactly is Google Map Maker?

tools-864983_1920Google Map Maker is an app that can add and update map information for millions of users to see. In turn, the edited information can be found in Google Maps and Google Earth. There are many different things you can edit. Some examples are roads, railways, your favorite paths, and natural features. Yet, as a small business owner you can profit from the ability to edit places such as businesses, addresses, and other locations.

Now That We Know a Little About the Tool, How Can it Benefit You as a Business?

Believe it or not Google is not perfect (shocking, I know!). As hard as they may try, Google may at some point have inaccurate information for your business. This could be a small typo in the address or phone number. Or they could have a map pin for your business in the completely wrong area! This is where Google Map Maker comes in.

How Can You Make Adjustments if You Find Something Wrong?

Easy! Start by looking up your business and editing your information to be as accurate as possible. Once you submit your information to Google, a representative will review the changes. Once this process is complete, Google will then make the needed changes to Google Maps and Earth. This will ensure that your customers are able to find your correct information online.

Building an online presents can be difficult at times. But using easy to use tools such as Google Map Maker will not only help you now, but also in the future.

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