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How can digital marketing help your firm expand its market?

The differences between attracting foreign and local clients are about as big as the differences between foreign and local cultures. The communication style, the way of thinking, the secret to satisfying customers, and the way to establish relationships are all different from culture to culture. Add in the clashes of social and political values and an ever-changing digital social culture and you might even ask yourself: Is it really worth all the trouble investing in a foreign market?

The answer is yes, and with our help, investing in a foreign market will be much easier than you could have imagined.

Leave the details to us so you can focus on the big picture. Seapoint Digital can adapt its award-winning marketing strategies to suit your business needs. We use the best outreach and data analysis tools to help you find potential clients, introduce yourself to them, and give you the chance to build and strengthen relationships with your clients. Most importantly, we’ll help you create a positive and powerful online image that will bring more business to you.

Haijiao International (海角国际) is our program for Southeast Asian businesses looking to grow in foreign markets. Through our knowledge of culture and language, we have discovered reliable ways to overcome the difficulties caused by cultural, social, and political differences and have applied them to our work in digital marketing. Combined with the marketing skills and experience of the entire Seapoint Digital team, your business can successfully reach new audiences and grow into the company you imagine it can be.

How can Seapoint Digital help your business establish itself in foreign markets? Set up a meeting to find out. Make an appointment with Daniel (丹尼尔), head of Haijiao International.

How Can Seapoint Digital Help?
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Ways Seapoint Digital can help your company grow:



  • Optimized for great search results online
  • Responsive capabilities so your viewers can see your site on mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Attractive, up-to-date design 
  • Professionally written content with great attention to detail


  • Creative content each week
  • Regularity drives engagement
  • Social media advertising 
  • Help to create accounts and choosing the right platforms


  • Ability to find and target your ideal customer
  • Effective for small or large budgets
  • Pay for clicks, not views
  • Advertise on various platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram)


  • Create effective email campaigns that get results
  • Results-driven: more of what works, less of what doesn’t
  • Craft professional blog content to keep followers engaged
  • Engage with leads using sales/promotions, events, newsletters

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