Get Insightful Reporting with HubSpot: Multi-Touch Revenue Attribution Reporting

Effective reporting gives you more than data; it gives you insight. You get the stories behind the numbers and an accurate perspective of what processes maintain value. HubSpot’s multi-touch revenue attribution reporting, a new feature in their Marketing Enterprise Hub, does just that. 

HubSpot’s new multi-touch revenue attribution reporting feature lets you see the bigger picture, helping you understand all the channels leading into your revenue stream and guiding you towards more insightful decision-making.

Here’s a common scenario: Bill and Jason are chatting during a morning coffee break, and Jason mentions a very specific challenge that no one at the company knows how to deal with. When Bill gets back to his computer, he googles that situation just to see what might come up. He finds your website and clicks on it, but he doesn’t have time to check it out properly at that moment. 


Later, while researching something else online, he sees a retargeting ad for your company and clicks on it. He lands on the contact page, but instead of filling out a contact form, he clicks around on your site for a couple of minutes and concludes that your site is worth telling Jason about. During their lunch break, Bill tells Jason about your site. 


After lunch, from his own computer, Jason goes directly to the site, reads a couple of blog articles and the about page, and realizes that your company could be the answer to their challenge. He picks up his phone and calls. Your sales team helps him out by answering his questions and confirms that your company has the solution. Jason becomes a very important client.

With that story in mind, how would you judge your SEO practices, PPC campaign management, and the CTAs on your blogs? Here’s what the numbers would say: one visitor through organic search that bounced, one visitor through PPC who didn’t convert a goal, and one direct visitor who was on the site for a few minutes but didn’t take any action. 

Your sales team won’t mind that sort of limited revenue attribution report because they fielded a call and landed a big fish. Your marketing team, on the other hand, might have a little beef with that. Of greater consequence, you might decide that the sales team is generating much more revenue than marketing, leading you to reallocate your budget in favor of sales. But this ultimately weakens your chances of finding new clients. How do you avoid this situation?

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Reporting that Gives Credit Where Credit is Due


Multi-touch revenue attribution reporting helps you recognize everything your marketing and sales teams did to turn a website visitor into a client. It follows details about your client’s story through web pages, landing pages, blog posts, social posts, marketing emails, sales emails, and calls. It tells you how your eventual client interacted with your company through page views, form submissions, and conversations; or clicks on social posts, CTAs, and marketing emails. Most importantly, multi-touch revenue attribution reporting helps you make balanced, well-informed decisions regarding your marketing and sales processes so you can keep the right doors open for future clients.


You might be thinking, “My site isn’t a HubSpot site, so as good as this might be, it would be too much trouble to set up.” Good news: even if your site isn’t hosted by HubSpot, you can still use the multi-touch revenue attribution report. Your developer team can add simple code to your current website’s pages so that multi-touch revenue attribution reporting will work, making it easier for you to trace your client’s journey. 

One of the biggest benefits of using HubSpot’s reporting feature is that you can configure the report yourself. The HubSpot CRM allows for all data to be stored and accessed through the same platform, so you won’t have to rely on a separate data team to gather information from different databases and piece it all together. Since you can create these reports on your own, you can have the information you need whenever and wherever you need it. That means no more waiting a couple hours (or days) for a data team to get you an answer that you need right now.

Get Insightful Reporting with HubSpot


When we read a story, our minds delve into deeper meaning and application – we don’t limit  ourselves to just reading words. Does your reporting limit you to numbers and raw data, or does it allow you to see the bigger picture? Multi-touch revenue attribution reporting is among many of HubSpot’s reporting features. It can give you useful information and insights that will help you make good decisions for your company.

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