5 Local SEO Tips for Service Providers

As a local service provider, you may find it’s hard to get found by the right customers. How can you ensure that the right people are finding you? Take a look at our 5 local SEO tips for service providers.

On Page Optimization

As is the case with all businesses, the first place you want to start with your local SEO project is with your website. For a service provider, this is especially important. Of course you want your customers to know what you can do for them and how you’re better than the competition. However, as a service provider, you want them to know WHERE you provide services. Including geographic modifiers on your page will help visitors not only to find you in search, but also to know if your service area is right for them. This leads to our next point.

Name, Address, Phone Number

Also known as NAP – and no, we don’t mean resting on a Sunday afternoon. One very important SEO tip is making sure your NAP is on every one your web pages. Customers will not want to search your website to find the best way to reach you. By making sure your NAP is easy to find on all your pages, you will ensure that your customers (and search engines) will be able to find you. Many businesses include their NAP in the footer of each web page, as well as on their About Us and Contact pages.

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Get Listed on the Major Search Engines

Claiming or creating a local business listing on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo ensures that search engines are getting the most accurate information about your local business. What are your services, hours, information, pictures? All of this information can be provided for your customers. However, as Ben Parker once said, “with great power comes great responsibility.” As algorithms change, occasionally your information may adjust with it. Be sure to keep up to date with these changes to make sure your information is always correct.

Encourage and Respond to Reviews Online

Reviews are great! Whether they are good (or even sometimes bad) online reviews of your business affirm that your customers are engaging with you online. Make sure you respond to these reviews. Show your happy customers that you appreciate them, and show your unhappy customers that you are willing to fix whatever is making them distraught. Putting forth this extra effort will impress onlookers and improve your online stats.

Citations, Citations, Citations

Once you have guaranteed that your local information is on your website and search engines, focus your energy on citation building. As a service provider, look to see what websites your competitors are listed on. Look for directories specific to your field. Making these detailed efforts will help your customers find you.

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