3 Social Media Marketing Tips for Insurance Agencies

Whether your insurance business is new or old, it’s not too late to jump on the social media marketing train. In fact, this strategy for marketing can prove to be a solid investment of both your time and resources. If you have already joined a social media platform, maybe you’re wondering if it’s the right choice for your agency, if there are others that you should be joining and whether you’re promoting yourself in the right way. We’re here to help you! Here are 3 quick social media tips for insurance agencies.

Insurance Agencies Need to be Personable

For individual insurance agents, this is especially important for building relationships and trust. Clients that are searching for a new agent often choose to work with a name they recognize or a face they know, with a personality they like. So make yourself likable: be personable, use local hashtags, and show your love for your local community.

If you are an agency, you can still promote your insurance team in a personable way. Let the community be aware of your charitable work, the fun that your team has in the office, and the ways your business is involved in the community. Promote local events, and by all means, get your team members’ faces on social media so your prospective and current customers can make a personal connection with them.

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Insurance Agencies Need to Claim Social Media Accounts 

People are searching for insurance services on many social media platforms, so let yourself be found where your customers are searching. This means if you haven’t yet signed your business up for Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter, it’s time to do so. Apply this rule to any and all social platforms that may become popular and relevant in the future. It’s hard to say how social media channels will change and evolve in the future, and claiming your business name on these platforms will prevent others from beating you to it.

Social Media Tools Can be a Huge Help to Insurance Agencies 

Time is one thing none of us can buy, but it’s so very valuable to us. If you’re short on it, utilizing a handy tool like Buffer, Hootsuite or even Hubspot could be a lifesaver. These tools can be used to organize and schedule posts into the future – this way, you can create a batch of social media messages in one sitting rather than having to make time every day to keep up with your accounts.

There’s no doubt about it – social media management is time-consuming and can be tricky to maintain. If you’d like more insight on what you as an individual agent or your agency needs to succeed on social media, we’re here to help.

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