Who Should Manage My Social Media?

Social Media is not going away. No matter your business, having a presence on social media is necessary to be relevant in today’s world. But who should take on that responsibility? Should you do it yourself? Can team members take care of it as a group effort? Or is it a good idea to hire a social media manager? There are different answers for different businesses, but this article may help you decide what is right for yours.

What Your Social Media Manager Should Be

In all events, the person who is managing your social media accounts should:

social media managerBe familiar with ways to track your return on investment (ROI).

Sure, you can post updates on Facebook and fun snapshots on Instagram. But can you say at the end of the day that your time was well-spent? How do you know your time was worth it? Your social media manager should be able to prove that the time expense has paid off in increased exposure, traffic, and leads.

Be sharply focused on creating effective, engaging content.

To do it right, your social media presence needs to be consistent. And make no mistake; gathering and/or preparing useful information for social media is a time-consuming job. So if you are a business owner or manager with lots of responsibilities, what will suffer if you take away time to make your social media work the way it should?

Have a vision to build your brand, and execute that vision effectively. 

Do you really know your target audience? Your social media manager should have a well-defined vision of your ideal customers. They need to know how to capture attention on social media, to engage the right people, and to build a community of loyal followers online. A great social media strategy leads to increased click-throughs, and ultimately, more business.

Offsetting Costs of Hiring a Pro

Hiring a social media strategist comes with added costs, but think of the added benefits of having a professional working on your social media. A professional will have colleagues to consult, additional training, and will be consistently up to date on changes and trends. Additionally, you’ll have an advantage over your competitors who do not take advantage of professional social media management.

manager for social mediaWhen you have a social media strategist working for your team, you’ll have a professional who will:

  • manage time effectively,
  • understand search engine optimization (SEO) and blogging platforms,
  • have exceptional customer service skills,
  • understand all social media platforms, (including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube) knowing how each will or will not work for your business,
  • be skilled in handling negative and/or crisis situations that occur on social media in a professional way.

Most businesses who want effective results from social media conclude that hiring a social media manager is well worth the investment. They enjoy the consistency, professionalism, and peace of mind that comes from using a professional.


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