Make the Best Use of Your Marketing with Seapoint Digital’s Matterport and Drone Services

We at Seapoint Digital have been hard at work getting ready for New England’s busy real estate season. Part of our preparations includes updating and increasing the services that we offer to our valued clients. 

We are thrilled to announce that Kristy, our Matterport expert, has recently completed a commercial piloting course and passed the licensure exam. She is now an FAA Certified Pilot fully qualified to operate a drone. This is a massive achievement for Kristy, and one that we are very excited about! But what does this mean for you and your company? How can you take advantage of our suite of services for your business?

Drone Photography and Videography: Offering a Bird’s Eye View

Do you have a fantastic property situated along the rocky coast of New England? Or a home nestled along the shores of one of our pristine lakes?  Do you have a gorgeous farmhouse set on impressive acreage? Drone photography and videography could level up your listing. By showing your property from an aerial perspective, buyers can see exactly how close a home is to the waterfront or how beautiful the surrounding land is rather than just read about it in your description. As the saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words, but aerial images will leave you speechless. Drones are able to shoot an extensive range of land, far beyond what could be captured with traditional photography.  This means that you aren’t limited to the standard curbside shot of a home, elevating your listing and setting it apart from the competition. The more emotion you can convey in your imagery, the more likely potential buyers will be to pick up their phone and book a showing. For an example of what your drone imaging can look like, check out this link to a recent project we completed.

Merging Drone Services with Matterport VR Tours

Using drone images in conjunction with our Matterport packages gives potential buyers access to every inch of a property. The VR Tours allow viewers to “walk” through the interior, while drone aerial videos give the feeling of flying over the grounds. This leaves the buyer with a deeper sense of understanding of the home and the area surrounding it, making them fall in love before they’ve even stepped foot at the physical location. 

Another amazing tool offered by Matterport is Mattertags. By utilizing Matterport’s Mattertag feature you can enrich the buyer’s walk-through experience. Mattertags can be placed on picture windows and balconies, which can be linked to an aerial image or video that really highlights the views you can enjoy from the spot. This makes for a seamless virtual experience that buyers will love! 

Incorporating Digital Services into Your Marketing Strategy

Drone images can also be used to improve your listings’ social presence.  Aerial videos really shine on social media. Unique moving images capture the eye when scrolling through an Instagram or Facebook feed, captivating your audience quickly and effectively.  Making your posts stand out leaves buyers wanting more and makes potential sellers reach out to you to market their homes.

Place your company above area competition by offering Matterport and drone photography as a standard when marketing a home. Offering your sellers two of the most powerful imaging tools for digital marketing will attract clients with higher-profile properties and give you a clear advantage over other agencies.

Are you ready to take the plunge and up your marketing game? Reach out to us to discuss your property and how we can help you make the most of your marketing dollars by incorporating Matterport VR Tours and drone imaging into your next listing.