Real Estate + Pinterest = A Winning Equation

In a previous article we discussed types of social media that realtors can take advantage of. This article will discuss Pinterest in detail.

So you’re a Realtor looking to grow your presence online. What can you do to leverage Pinterest?

You’re probably passionate about selling houses, just like I’m passionate about social media. We all know that building a friendly relationship with a (potential) client is a basic fundamental of good business. Having a Pinterest presence can help you achieve this. So how can we combine Pinterest and selling houses to make a winning equation? Here are a few things I think will set you apart from the rest of the crowd in selling houses.

The Basics


First, start with your profile. If you haven’t filled out your About You section, your website, location, or linked your other social media accounts, do this now. Add keywords and what sets you or your agency apart from the rest. Make sure your profile photo is professional, and not a cellphone-generated selfie.

Once you have completed the basics, it’s time to get down to the fun stuff!

Let’s Get Visual


Pinterest, like many other social networks, is a very visual platform. You can use this to your advantage in selling your newest house. How? It’s simple. Have a beautiful house you want to sell? Take some shots of the house – inside, outside, the neighborhood, maybe even special details that you love about the house that will make it a home for someone.

FullSizeRender (5)I would recommend creating a secret board for this. This way you can tweak your pins to perfection before the whole world can see. To create a secret board, scroll all the way down to the bottom of your newly-awesome profile until you see the  “Add a Secret Board” option. Once you’ve shot and edited your well-lit photos (bonus points if they are shot by a professional), upload them here, add descriptions to each of the pins, explaining what each is and why this particular house is amazing. Make sure you use keywords in each description, such as the style of home, the price of the home, when it was listed, anything you think a potential home-buyer would want to know (pro tip: add just enough information to make them call for even more information!). Once you’ve filled out the description and pinned it, make sure you hit the “Edit” button to add the page on your website where the listing can be found. Voila! Once you have a good number of pins on your secret board, make it public for the world to see (pro tip: Add between 12-20 pins before you make it public. You can add more later, and this will keep a new board from looking empty. Add an overall description with keywords to make it more visible in search).

Add a team board

If you are pinning for your whole agency, add a board that showcases each of your Realtors. Add descriptions to each of their photos, such as how long they’ve been in real estate, what their favorite style of home is, or something else that you’d like to share with your audience and humanize your team.

Add Boards that Showcase Neighborhoods


FullSizeRender (4)Is there an area you cover that has the cutest bookshops and sidewalk cafes? Is one neighborhood a great place to start a family? Showcase these places with pins from the area. Think of it as the appetizer to the main course. Show that home buyer why they want to live in a specific place (Pro tip: you can save time and resources by searching Pinterest for pins from the area. Just make sure they link to websites that are safe. Never add your own URL to someone else’s pin).

Give Value to Your Clients


There’s a rule in social media marketing that goes something like this: sell twenty percent of the time, give eighty percent of the time. That means to create loyal clientele, it’s not enough to tell them why you’re great, you have to also show them why you’re great. So don’t focus on the hard sell. Add boards that will show clients that you are a useful source of information. Show off a great home style, handy homemaking tips, or the first recipes your client will make in their great new kitchen. Add a board that showcases must-have home decor items, or landscaping ideas. You know your buyer personas. Give them what they are looking for.

So there you have it. My tips to being a Pinterest-savvy agent.

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