Which Social Media Platforms Should My Business Choose?

So you’d like your business to be on social media- but you’ve got a lot of questions. Which social media platform will attract your target audience? … Fit your brand? … Give you the best results? We don’t want you to waste time and expense in pursuing a marketing strategy that won’t give you a good ROI! This article aims to help you sort through the options and so you’ll know what works best for your business.

My Work Needs to be Accessible to Consumers

(Some examples: Contractor, Tutor, Services Provider, Lawyer)


Facebook has a LARGE user base, and these people can easily identify your business, see work hours, view samples of your services, and access your contact information. Facebook also makes it easy for interested persons to ask questions. Your public answers may be the deciding factor that motivates them (or other potential customers) to request your services. If you’re looking for the bare minimum in social media presence, Facebook should be your choice.

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Twitter is a great option because it allows you to develop relationships with your customers through simplified conversations. Its minimalistic format is great for quickly answering customers’ questions and posting the latest developments for your business. It’s also common for businesses to host contests and giveaways through Twitter in order to generate an interactive consumer base more quickly. Twitter is a great way to help humanize your business without compromising professionalism.


Though less ‘social’ and more ‘network’, Yelp is an effective platform for reaching out to your current and prospective audience. If you regularly update Yelp with fresh images, respond to reviews, and update your business hours, you show that your business is active and ready to serve potential customers.

My Work Relies on Visual Appeal

(Some examples are: Skilled Craftsman, Photographer, Retail Owner, Restaurant Owner, Realtor)


Facebook currently has 2.3 billion active users. For this reason alone, it’s worth giving Facebook a try. Facebook allows you to not just post images in a timeline, but to gather them into relevant albums so your potential customers can browse through photos of your past work. Utilizing Facebook’s location tools and hashtags can draw in views from local traffic!


Instagram is a great way to get your work seen in your local community. Even if people aren’t specifically looking for your services, an appealing image can grab their attention. Before you know it, they may be looking at your other posts, viewing your profile, and then heading to your website to learn more about what you have to offer! Locations and hashtags are your friends when it comes to Instagram, so make sure to use them!

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On Pinterest, the image is king. Prospective customers are attracted by the appeal of your images, and can be converted to current customers, depending on how clearly your services are presented.

If the visual appeal of your product is its most significant marketable attribute, and you’re also looking to cast your net wider and serve people outside of your local area, Pinterest would be an ideal choice.

My Business Targets Gen Z and Millenials

(Some examples: Fashion, Trends, Subscriptions, Blogs, and Digital Services)


millenial advertising

The younger, tech-savvy generation takes less time than ever to decide whether or not to interact with your post. Instagram Stories and Live Streams are a great way to quickly hop into their feed and leave them wanting more. When paired with a regular supply of standard Instagram posts, it’s easier than ever for your audience to access your brand and have a way to follow up on any interest.


With more than 150 million daily users, Snapchat reaches 41% of all 18 to 34 year-olds daily (in the U.S. alone!) If you are a small business that would appeal to younger Millennials, this is your platform. You can share your behind-the-scenes moments with your audience, which has a huge impact on humanizing your brand. Take advantage of advertising opportunities, as well as affordable Geofilter technology. You can also offer limited-time coupons in your Snapchat feed that will inspire users to act quickly! 


With all the advertising that saturates the market these days, it’s so important to show your brand’s humanity.  Your interactions on Twitter should be quick, casual, and genuine. If a person makes an emotional connection with your brand, he or she will be more likely to repost your tweet, talk about your company, and look into your services.


Though less popular out of the options, with the right content, Tumblr can be a powerful platform for your business. To succeed, bear in mind that the audience on Tumblr is characteristically diverse, while the prevailing attitude is laid back and comedic. If your marketing strategy leans toward the quirky, alternative, and offbeat, Tumblr may be right for you.

So now that you have some options to choose between (or perhaps by the end of this article you’ve already made your decision) what types of content should you be posting, and how often? How do you get your profile in front of your target audience? What should you keep in mind when interacting with consumers?

We give you the answers in our next blog! 

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