5 SEO Mistakes You’re Making Now

The right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics are very important to put into practice if you want your business to get noticed online. But sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what the right tips are, and how quickly others can become out of date. Here are 5 SEO mistakes that are very common. Are you making one (or more) of them?

You Have Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can be a big problem, but it can be tricky to catch because it can take different forms. If you use the same content with a different URL, have multiple pages with similar content, or even have multiple URLs that are similar, this can adversely affect your SEO results. Duplicate content can confuse search engines: they may not understand which page is which, and what page has the most credit for your searchers.

Your Site isn’t Optimized for Mobile

seo mistakes mobileThe number of people who use their mobile devices to search for things online is growing every day. Being mobile-friendly is so important that Google has made this requirement part of their algorithm for years. That being said, if your website is not designed to be responsive for mobile devices, your SEO will take a hit. 

Your Site isn’t Optimized for Local Search

When you are a local business, reaching the right people in your area is critically important. Optimizing your site for local search won’t just help you get found, but help you get found by the right people in your area.

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You Think More is Better

Yes, it’s important to have content.  But it’s even more important to not have it all on one page. Still, if you take 3 quality web pages and break them into 15 not-so-quality pages – just so your site has more pages to crawl – you aren’t doing yourself any favors.  Search engines would rather see fewer pages with meaty content than many pages with skimpy content.

You’re Stuffing those Keywords In

seo mistakes keyword stuffing
Stuffing is for turkeys, not keywords.

It’s important to use targeted keywords in your content; that has not changed. However, the way you use keywords has drastically changed over the years. In the past, it was important to use keywords that were an exact match. But thanks to RankBrain, a tool used by Google, this is no longer the case. So although it is important to still include keywords, you want to write your content with the user in mind. Your goal should be to make it easy for visitors to understand your content, thus providing a better experience.

And there you have it! 5 common SEO mistakes. Are you looking for more ways to improve your SEO results? We can help you! 

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