Affinity Insurance Groups: Digital Marketing Tools Are Your Best Friend

New memberships. An increase in sales. Building trust and establishing connections. Most affinity insurance groups have the same objectives. Utilizing digital tools can be the key to separating you from the competition and helping you to achieve – and possibly surpass – your goals.

Accessing detailed information from your marketing campaign in real-time gives you increased agility and adaptability. As an affinity insurance group, you rely heavily on data and analytics to determine risk, pricing, and policy coverage for your members. Digital tools can help you gain valuable insights into customer behavior and trends faster and more efficiently. What are your members most concerned about? What new products and services would best fit their needs? 

Some of the digital tools you can use include: 

Social media – Use social media to build relationships with members, promote offers and discounts, and create an online community. 

Email campaigns – Automated emails can keep members up to date with the latest offers and discounts. 

Digital analytics – Analytics track customer behavior and will help you optimize your marketing strategy. 

Targeted campaigns – Use targeted campaigns to reach out to customers who are most likely to purchase a product. Social media, email and digital analytics can provide you with vital insights into what matters to your members, which in turn informs how you can market to them more effectively.

Once you’ve determined your strategy, you can use a CRM tool to help you execute and manage your campaign all in one place. While there are many different tools to choose from, at Seapoint Digital, we’re fans of Hubspot. With Hubspot’s marketing automation tools, you can create campaigns that are tailored to your members and deliver the right message at the right time. You can also track the performance of your campaigns and quickly adjust them as needed.

For example: If you send an email campaign, and no one opens it, you know your subject line failed to grab their attention. If they open it and don’t click through, you know the content didn’t speak to their needs. With a tool like Hubspot, you can see exactly which links are getting the most clicks so you know what is working and what is speaking to more members. You get instant feedback that’s detailed and precise.

On the flip side, if you send a postcard or sales letter and get no response, you have no real way to know why or what about it needs to change to be more effective. Was it a bad image choice? Did the copy not appeal? Was the method of response not what your members preferred? Even if you get a response to a mailing campaign, making improvements can be more of a guessing game. Don’t make an educated “guess”, make decisions based on real-time data and facts. 

Don’t be shy, introduce yourself to your new best friend in marketing. If going digital is new for your business, you may be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of implementing all of these new strategies in your marketing. Start small. Choose one new digital tool at a time. Learn it. Use it. Then add another. If starting small isn’t your thing and you want to access the benefits of using these digital tools right away, working with a specialized digital marketing agency to create a plan for your business is the way to go. No matter how you approach using digital tools to market your group, make sure you’re using them.