Social Media Marketing for Affinity Insurance Groups

When it comes to marketing, affinity insurance groups have unique needs. We’ve previously talked about some of the strategies that work well with digital marketing for affinity insurance groups, but in this article, we narrow our focus to their needs for social media marketing. Here are 5 important tips to make your social marketing strategy a greater success.

Social Media Tip #1: Be on the platforms that your group uses.

While it’s true that LinkedIn and Twitter are a good bet, don’t neglect the power of Facebook and Instagram for marketing to your association. It’s important to be aware of the particular social media platforms that are popular with your association members. Depending on their interests and lifestyle, you may find success utilizing video platforms such as YouTube, TikTok or Vimeo.

Social Media Tip #2: Use hashtags intelligently.

Hashtags are still useful on most social platforms. Using thoughtless hashtags can backfire, though, so conduct some intelligent research. Find out what relevant hashtags your member association is using with success and select a few to use in your post (up to 5 on LinkedIn and Instagram, only 1 on TikTok or Twitter). 

Hashtag Tips:

Do: Use specific words that your association members may be searching for, always proofread your hashtags, and capitalize each word in any phrases for easier reading (such as #CharitableGiving instead of #charitablegiving).

Don’t: Oversaturate your post with hashtags. Maxing out your hashtag usage is not as helpful as it used to be, and it may even do more harm than good.  

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Social Media Tip #3: Carefully choose your content.

What works on social media can change overnight. If you want to stay in your followers’ feeds, you need to be posting content that gets attention on the platform. If you are only posting single images, but the platform is promoting reels, you could be left behind.

affinity insurance groups social media
Do the images you choose add weight to your message or distract your reader?

Don’t be afraid to try something different. Use graphics with text to put your message right into the image. Try multiple photos in a single post to keep people engaged longer. Experiment with videos (it doesn’t have to be you talking to the camera if you aren’t comfortable with that). Learn what is currently trending in the platforms you are using and find ways to incorporate that into your strategy. 

When it comes to photos, use good judgment. Choose images that are clear, high quality and that relay your message in a compelling way. Always keep in mind what your ideal demographic will relate to and make sure your photo correctly represents your market location, if applicable. 

Social Media Tip #4: Show your company’s humanity.

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When your staff members volunteer, let your community know!

People want to do business with other people, not just a company. There’s great value in showing your association members that your team is made of real people. Post good-quality, flattering photos of your team members during their workday (but be sure to cover any confidential information on desks or screens before you take photos!). Celebrate work anniversaries and other awards on social media. Let your community members know all about the charitable and other volunteer work that your team members participate in. By humanizing your organization, you can compete with independent and local insurance agencies who are vying for your members’ loyalty.

Social Media Tip #5: Be brief, compelling, and personal.

You should be broadcasting your marketing messages in a confident and positive way. Speak directly to the reader and show that you can solve their problem, make their life easier, prevent certain difficulties. The adage “what’s in it for me?” is still very relevant when composing social media messages.

Also, remember that your association members are busy people. Your messages on social media should be brief and to the point. Don’t take 30 words to say what you can effectively communicate in 10 words.

For affinity insurance groups, a well thought out social media marketing strategy is a powerful way to present your message to your followers and potential clients. It requires careful planning and great attention to detail.  A good example of how social media can aid a successful campaign can be seen in our case study of the affinity group marketing campaign that won us our first Best of PIMA award.  

Take advantage of our experience. If you have questions or concerns about your group’s social media use, reach out. We would be happy to help you make the most of this valuable digital marketing tool.