Why You Should Utilize HubSpot for Insurance Marketing

It is no secret that HubSpot is a great tool to help with your marketing strategy. Whether you are a B2B business or a contractor, HubSpot has many tools that can help you succeed. But what are some of the best ways that you can utilize HubSpot specifically for Insurance Marketing? In our opinion, these are the top 4 methods.

1. Strategize with greater content customization.

One great feature of HubSpot is that you have the ability to customize your content for your visitors so that your insurance products are more appealing to them. How can you do this? One way is to build landing pages based on specific content or a specific product. Another way is using customization tokens. Customization tokens can be used in emails, web pages, and landing pages. They can either be the user’s name, company name, or whatever would be most appropriate for the specific content. Want to market one product to one group of people but something different for another? HubSpot gives you the flexibility to customize that content too.

2. Social tools allow coordination on various platforms.

One important piece of the insurance marketing puzzle is effectively engaging with your users and customers through social media. Thanks to HubSpot’s social monitoring tool, this task is really easy. The social marketing tool allows you to engage with your users across multiple social channels from one place. It also gives you the option to schedule posts in advance, helping your team to stay organized and ahead of the game.

3. Track your effectiveness by organizing campaigns.

Not only can you build truly customized content with HubSpot’s tools, you can track your insurance marketing progress by building campaigns. Campaigns are an effective way for your insurance company to see how users are engaging with the specific products you offer, and they let your company gauge how successful your marketing is. Want to know how many people reacted to your email or how many people viewed a landing page or blog about a specific product? Campaigns are the answer: they allow you to track custom landing pages, emails, and much more so you’ll know whether your audience is engaged with your message or not. It’s a great way to see where you are thriving and where you may need to adjust your marketing strategy.

4. CRM and sales tools allow agents to track interest.

HubSpot isn’t just a great tool for your marketing team; it can also be beneficial for the insurance sales team as well. The sales team can use HubSpot to keep track of all of their engagements with the clients on the CRM. This can include phone calls, emails, or messaging. The sales team can also monitor what specific insurance product that the user is interested in by seeing what they’ve engaged with throughout your website.

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