How to use Twitter’s New Fleets Feature for Your Business

Today, Twitter has launched a new feature: Fleets (fleeting tweets). What does this mean for your social media management strategy, and how can you use this feature for your business?

What are Fleets?

Fleets function similarly to story features on other platforms, such as Instagram.  You can share text, respond to tweets, and post photos or videos through a Fleet. Fleets can be decorated with a variety of embellishments like stickers and filter overlays. They appear as a highlighted bubble on the top of their feeds, or by otherwise clicking on your profile.  As with Instagram stories, they disappear from view after 24 hours.  Notably, however, your followers cannot retweet your Fleets.

How can I use Fleets for my Business’ Social Media?

Your main content (your Tweets) is what sticks to your profile so that your followers can share, comment, and otherwise interact with your business. On the other hand, a Fleet is like a secret weapon you can use to climb to the top of your followers’ feeds.  When your business has something especially urgent to share, a 24-hour Fleet might be a perfect fit, whereas a Tweet may be too permanent or may have long since been drowned out in a follower’s feed.

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Great applications for Fleets would be to post brief updates, push promotions, or respond to positive customer feedback.  

Ephemeral content is no stranger to the social media scene.  Followers will recognize the format almost intuitively.  Jump on this feature while it’s new and be ahead of the competition.  Use it too much, however, and you may exhaust the attention of your followers.  The trick here is to use it sparingly for best results.

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