What Is HubSpot’s Operations Hub?

HubSpot released the free, starter, and professional versions of Operations Hub in April 2021. Along with their Marketing, Sales, Service, and CMS Hubs, Operations Hub runs on HubSpot’s CRM platform (link to What Is a CRM article). Here’s some information about Operations Hub and why it might be a good choice for your company.

What Is Operations Hub?

Operations Hub is built to unify company data, organize workflows, facilitate automation, improve communication, and increase productivity across teams and departments. It is particularly useful for scaling companies by providing more accurate insights regarding potential growth and the accompanying challenges.


Operations Hub allows all data across all platforms to be accessible from one spot. It also allows for workflows and automated processes to work across platforms. Teams can get information as quickly as they need it, and the operations teams that provide that information can do it faster and with less stress.

What Makes Operations Hub Valuable?

Operations Hub coordinates and consolidates information that businesses need to run smoothly and make that information accessible to all necessary teams and departments. This hub is especially designed for companies whose are trying to:


  •   connect their systems and make their existing tools work better
  •   include more automation in business processes
  •   more easily manage business data for smoother in-house operations

Some of the features of Operations Hub include: 


  •   Data Sync (available in the free version) 

Data sync links data between different supported applications, automates data maintenance without disaster-waiting-to-happen CSV imports, and scans and updates records every five minutes.


  •   Programmable Automation (available in the Pro version)

This feature allows you to trigger automated workflows based on in-house or customer actions. Workflows in Operations Hub can trigger HubSpot workflows as well as workflows in other supported applications. 


  •   Data Quality Automation (available in the Pro version)

Data quality automation cleans up the processes of data management (date formats, calculations, text fields), such as capitalizing first or last names or selecting appropriate timestamp formats based on customer location.

How Do I Know If Operations Hub Is Right for Us?

All companies with scaling plans should consider Operations Hub, but especially ones who:


  •   have issues with data maintenance
  •   have used data cleansing software
  •   have messy CRM data
  •   have multiple systems, tools, and integrations
  •   have a large number of workflows
  •   use webhooks
  •   need custom code actions in workflows or bots
  •   are already using HubSpot as their CRM


Whether you’re a company in the midst of scaling growing pains or one that is happy with its present growth rate, Hubspot’s Operations Hub is what you need to know how to grow.