3 Reasons a 360 VR Tour Will Sell Your Buyers

You step in through the door. A well-lit foyer welcomes you, and you smile. You’re home. As you stroll through the living room, eyeing the comfortable sofa that looks oh-so-tempting after a long day at the office, you smile. It’s good to be here. It just feels right. The kitchen is spotless, as it should be, and you imagine the dinner you’ll cook for the evening. You’ll have asparagus, sauteed in garlic, olive oil, and some Parmesan cheese, with some pan-seared scallops. What wine would pair nicely with this, you find yourself wondering.

Then you realize.

You haven’t even left your office! You’ve been touring the rooms of this amazing house without even standing up.

You haven’t set foot in the house, and already you’re imagining it as your home.

If the target buyer in the above scenario sounds too good to be true, they’re not.

If you’re a Realtor in today’s market, you struggle with setting yourself apart from other agents (who, coincidentally, are also trying to set themselves apart).

Do you want to sell more buyers before they even attend an open house in the original sense of the word?

The easy way to tell you how I’ll get to, but, since you’re in the selling field, I’m going to sell you why first.

Reason Number One: You’re Missing Your Buyer, and Your Buyer is Missing You

The way to selling a house is obviously showing it to the greatest amount of viewers. But how are you accomplishing this right now?

If pounding a “For Sale” sign at the curb with agent papers is your answer, you may want to rethink your strategy. In the days before the Internet, that might have worked out just fine, but here, in 2016, you’ve got to up your ante.

By having a virtual tour, you’ll be able to capture thousands more eyes than just putting up a sign. Even if you’re selling that cute yellow house with the picket fence on Main Street.

Reason Number Two: Time is Money, and Money is Time

You probably show a lot of houses to prospective buyers. How much time does each showing take up? One pro agent says an average showing lasts 15-20 minutes.

Think to that house you’ve been trying to sell for a long time. You know the one. The one that “isn’t quite right” to each potential you’ve shown it to. The one that needs a little more work than the client is willing to spend. Or the one that would make a great home, but lies on a back road.

How much time have you already spent showing and trying to sell that house?

A VR shoot takes mere hours to reach thousands of buyers, which, I’m willing to bet is more eyes than you’re getting in a day on that for sale sign.

Reason Number Three: An Open House Only Lasts One Day

Think about all the prep work that you put into staging the house on Elm Street so it will look “just right” when the crowds come for the open house this Saturday. When all is said and done, though, Saturday’s open house is just that-one day to stage the house for potential buyers.

How much better would it be if your open house could be open all the time-24 hours a day, 7 days a week? That way, the good folks who work weekends and are in the market for the house you’re selling won’t have to miss out on “walking” through your open house.

With a virtual reality tour, you won’t be limited to one Saturday to show off your house. People will be able to peruse the halls at their leisure-and isn’t it better that way? They won’t feel pressured and will likely spend more time exploring all the cool nooks and crannies that makes the space unique.

Have I Sold You Yet?

Remember how I told you I would tell you how you can sell buyers before they physically set foot in the house you’re trying to sell?

It’s easy.

With a Matterport virtual reality 360, you’re able to have the entire property showcased. The tour utilizes 3-dimensional data, combined with HDR photography to create stunning views your buyers will love.

It’s a whole new way to see a home. We here at Seapoint Digital are proud to be the only Matterport Service Provider in the state of Maine and we would be just as proud to help your buyers fall in love with the homes you sell. Give us a call today!

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