5 Tips for Creating an Awesome Landing Page

If you are responsible in any way for your business website, you may have heard of the term “landing page.” But what is a landing page, exactly? How can it help your business? And what are some ways that you can create awesome landing pages that get solid results for your business?

What is a Landing Page?

A well-designed landing page can drive anonymous website visitors into your marketing cycle. How? By offering a resource from your business in exchange for their contact information. Think of a good landing page as a successful digital sales rep. The page’s content talks directly to the visitor and becomes the building blocks of your new relationship with that person. The goal is to convert a visitor into a lead.

A Landing page has three main components:

  1. An offer – What you will give your visitor in exchange for their information
  2. A Form – a place for the visitor to enter their information
  3. A Call to Action (CTA) – A clear message that prompts the visitor to act. 

When used correctly, landing pages can help your business create new leads that are relevant to your sales team. How can you design a landing page that works well? Here are five tips that will add to your landing page quality, taking them from so-so to awesome:

#1: Remove Distractions

First things first: look over your landing page and remove any distractions. This includes the menu bar and any hyperlinks. Why should you do this? Distractions can prevent your visitor from completing the contact form. If you remove unnecessary exit points, your visitor will stay focused and will be more likely to complete the task. 

That being said, it’s a good practice to keep social media share buttons on your page. This way your visitor can share your offer on different social platforms.

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#2: Use Clear, Concise Language and Design

When a potential client comes to your landing page, let them find a page that is easy to understand. Use appropriate headers, bullet points, and actionable keywords throughout the page. 

Does your page feature a downloadable eBook or case study? Add an image of the item so the user knows exactly what to expect by giving you their information. 

Last but certainly not least, make sure your page headline matches the product you are offering.

#3: Keep Your Page Short

When you write copy for your landing page, be sure to keep it short and sweet. You want your page to be easy to scan. Remember, viewers have a short attention span! They want to get the gist of your offer as quickly as possible, so make it easy for them. A great way to do this is by using headlines and bullet points, with just a few sentences of copy.

#4: Form Length

When it comes to form length, don’t ask for more information than your visitor will feel the offer is worth. For example, if you are offering a case study,  you don’t want to ask for a mailing address, favorite color, and the name of the family dog (unless perhaps you’re in the pet business). 

At the same time, if you are offering an eBook, you don’t want to ask only for an email address – that would be missing the chance to gather valuable information. Take time to test the balance between what your company needs and what your visitor is willing to give. In the end, always remember that every form should at least include first and last name, as well as an email address.

#5: Optimize for SEO

As with any webpage, make sure your page is optimized for SEO. This includes using keywords in your URL, title tags, image alt-tags, and the like. If you make your page easy to understand for search engines, more visitors will be able to find it. Obviously, this will help your page get better results.

If you still have questions about creating successful landing pages, or how to utilize them in your Inbound Marketing strategy, Seapoint Digital is here to help. We’re landing page experts, and are happy to help you create powerful landing pages that turn visitors into leads.

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