Why Chinese Companies Going Global Need Local Marketing Help

You’ve incorporated the culture, language, and thinking of your potential foreign clients into your marketing strategies, but the response to your marketing strategies doesn’t meet your expectations. Why the lack of success? Although you may have experience with the general culture and can fluently speak the language of your foreign audience, you are not a part of their daily culture. Local thinking creates local marketing strategies to find local clients, so as a Chinese company going global, you need local marketing help in order to succeed.

Why Use Local Marketing Help?

If your audience is not Chinese, the products, services, and marketing methods produced by Chinese thinking for Chinese consumers will not succeed. Your marketing strategies must be culturally relevant and match local viewpoints. How can working with local marketing agencies make you more relevant to the culture of your new market?

  • Your audience will see your products and services as valuable to them.
  • You will understand how to adjust to the needs of an audience in a foreign market.

Local Marketing Increases Your Value to Your Audience

Samsung has consistently relied on local marketing to connect their products and services to the real lives of local people. Samsung smartphone advertisements in the United States show they understand the heated debate between iPhone and Android smartphone users. Many Americans don’t buy the iPhone out of principle – even if they might think the iPhone is better than the phone they have now – so Samsung uses phrases such as “growing up” to convey a technologically progressive freedom that comes from owning a Samsung phone.

chinese marketing USAIf Samsung used this marketing strategy in India, it would have little effect. The iPhone is not a big player in the Indian smartphone market, so as a company, they have to find another way to take sides with the customer. How has Samsung been able to grow in India? By considering local circumstances and producing messages and content that reach local hearts.

In Europe, Samsung adjusts its strategy again, reaching out to people by addressing a concerning educational trend. When they identify and show support for a local social issue, they invite people to connect with the company, which is more important than any product or service they could provide.

How does Samsung use so many different marketing strategies effectively? By allowing local marketing agencies to connect their products and services with the lives of local people. These localized marketing strategies have met with huge success and continue to help a well-known company grow in global appeal.

Local Marketing Helps You Adjust to the Needs of Your Audience

Kia, along with their parent company Hyundai, has had to learn what is really important to their local markets and make adjustments accordingly. Their reputation has improved because of it. In the United States, Kia was known for producing cars that were cheaply designed and manufactured. Americans would only buy a Kia if they really needed a car and couldn’t afford one from Japan, Europe or America. UK consumers viewed Kia’s cars as “low value”, “budget”, and “small”, all scathing remarks from a country that historically loves its cars.

China marketing USAfter years of trying (and failing) to establish their cars as reliable low-priced options, Kia decided to learn what is really important to their local market and focused on improving the quality of their cars. By focusing on creating products that meet the consumer viewpoint, Kia restored and built up their reputation.

Now, customers around the world are beginning to take Kia seriously. In 2016, they were the first non-luxury brand in 27 years to be ranked number one, and Kia is reaching out to Americans by creating an image of themselves as a company with roots in America. In the UK, Kia has enlisted local marketing and design help to make their cars appeal to British and European tastes, and they have learned to attract the attention of their target audience through advertising that is important to their audience.

Although Kia is a Korean car company, they have relied on customer interaction through local marketing and research to make themselves valuable to their global audience.

What Local Marketing Can Do for You

How can a local marketing agency help your company expand into foreign markets? A company needs to sell its ideals and principles before it can sell its services and products in a new
market. Decentralize your marketing efforts and let the locals teach you the needs of your audience and explain the value of your services to them. Your company’s global success will
only go as far as your local marketing help.

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