Is My Google Listing Really Going to be Deleted?

As a business owner, you’ve likely spent countless hours crafting your business presence online. You’ve carefully setup up your Facebook page, Yelp page, Google My Business listing, and more. As a result, calls are coming in, customers are visiting your store, and everything is going great!

Until the day you receive “the call”. You answer the phone to a very enthusiastic, happy-to-help robot. They inform you that your Google listing is about to be marked as permanently closed – or worse, deleted altogether! If you do not speak to their representative right away you will be unseen forever. Your heart sinks and panic sets in. All that hard work for nothing! But before you press 1 to speak to a representative ask yourself…

Why am I getting this call?

It may seem strange to you that Google is calling to discuss your listing. That’s because it is. In fact, Google states in their Safety Center forum that “if it’s not a real person from the start, it is not Google”. They further explain that Google will never call you unless you specifically request the call. So why are you getting this robo-call? Likely it is another company trying to sell you their business. These companies often times try to convince users to hire them by claiming to be from Google. This is an illegal tactic.

But despite knowing this, an underlying question may remain in your mind.

Is my Google listing actually going to be deleted?

You know that this is a scam. You know that you should hang up. But the question lingers, “Do these robo callers have the ability to delete my listing?” The short answer is no. Your listing will not be deleted or marked as closed. Google – for good reason – makes it extremely hard for just anyone to take hold of your business listing and delete it. Because of this, you have no reason to fear hanging up the phone.


Is there a way to make sure my business is never marked as deleted or closed?

The best way to make sure your Google listing is in good standing is to claim and monitor your business yourself. Google makes it easy for business owners to list their business information online through their Google My Business program. GMB allows the owner to adjust their business information at any time, reply to reviews, and get found on Google Maps. Additionally, if there ever is an issue with your business, Google will notify you directly by email in a timely manner. Google will never call you about your listing unless you request the call.

So the next time you receive a call from your ecstatic robot nemesis, you can hang up knowing that your Google listing is safe and sound.

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Courtney has numerous certifications from HubSpot and years of experience with client management. She specializes in local search engine optimization, Google Analytics, and understanding the nuts and bolts of HubSpot’s automation platform. In her spare time, she is an accomplished violinist.