Social Media Marketing Content – Quality Matters

Quality verses quantity – you’ve heard the old adage. In just a few words it packs a powerful statement. Now let’s apply it to marketing your business using social media. A successful business plan is not limited by quanitity – quality plays an equally vital role.  We’ve all seen it, a business in our social feed that plasters our page with advertisement, after advertisement. It doesn’t work,  in fact, it looks like spam.

Whether you’re blogging, updating a status, or tweeting for your business – the quality of your content is what will win loyal followers. Some marketers say quality is king. However, the best way to achieve fan engagement is to combine quality content with consisitent updates. Use this list to gauge how your company is measuring up.

Evaluate Your Social Media Content

1: Quality Matters. 

Quality content has 3 crucial elements: The proper use of grammar, images and news. Shoddy images, misspelled words and outdated content detract from your business image. If you want to market your brand using social media, take the time to do it well. The reputation of you company is dependent on it.

day-planner-828611_6402. Consistently Post. 

Engagement comes when fans can depend on your content. You need to be posting to social media platforms at least once a day. In fact, many companies find increased engagment when posting multiple times a day. This will help establish your company’s presence and credibility. Don’t have the time? A scheduling tool like  HootSuite  can make a huge difference. If this is too much, consider outsourcing social media management.

3. Use Current Material. 

Bottom line: If you’re sharing and promoting content that is out of date,  you’re wasting your time – period. People are not impressed by old news. Yes, you can reshare content but make sure to proof and update- maintaining current information before posting.

opposites-489521_6404. Avoid Negativity.

Controversy sells, just ask Jerry Springer. However, your blog should not be used as a soap box to rant and rave about all the things in life or business that annoy you. For example, I regularly see fellow photographers blogging about the need for safety in newborn shoots. This is a great way to instill confidence in clients. On the other hand, I have also seen some mention other photographers by name – calling them out for how they choose to photograph newborns. It quickly escalates from making a point to petty, unprofessional, behavior. No one is impressed by that. Yes, honesty does humanize your brand, but let’s keep it up-beat.

5. Be Diverse.

We’re not just talking about varying your actual content, but the social media platforms utilized as well.  Using multiple social media platforms will help you drive traffic between your social media sites. Tweet a link to your latest blog or share a photo from your Instagram to your company’s Google+ page. Make those platforms work for your business.Now let’s talk about diversifying the actual content. Using the same content style repetitively will only bore your fans. Making good use of a variety of content styles (i.e. photos, links, blog posts, and questions) will lead to better fan engagement.

So how did your business measure up? Don’t be discouraged if there’s a need for improvement – we all can do better in some area of marketing. Feel overwhelmed? We can help. At Seapoint we offer custom social media managament. Whether your company is just starting out or looking to reach new potential we have a plan that’s right for you.

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