How to Help Your Business Show Up On Local Search

For small business owners, the first step of earning a good name is allowing the people in your community and service area to find you online. Prospective customers need to easily find you by performing a quick online search. How do you make sure you’re in the top Google results? Here are 7 tips to make sure you’re loved by Google so that you perform well on a local search.

5 Local SEO Tips for Service Providers

As a local service provider, you may find it’s hard to get found by the right customers. How can you ensure that the right people are finding you? Take a look at our 5 local SEO tips for service providers.

Local SEO for Franchise Owners

It can be a challenge to make your business stand out. It can be an even bigger challenge when your business is part of a franchise. Fear not! In this week’s blog we will talk about the many ways to help your business rise above the rest.

Why Writing A Meta Description is Important for Your Blogs

It seems like there’s an ever-growing list of ‘must haves’ when blogging. Each of these components will help draw people to your website so they will pay attention to your content. Since there are so many moving parts, is a meta description really that important for your blog post?

Which Headline is Better: Emotional vs SEO

Headline writing has been around since the dawn of the printed word. Grabbing the attention of the reader to make them do just that – read. In the age of content-generating sites like BuzzFeed, Upworthy, and a myriad of others, headlines have even less time to grab the reader’s ‘click.’ So is the trick behind an excellent attention grabber an emotional headline? Or is an optimized headline the way to go?

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How to Optimize for Local Mobile Search

In a world where more and more people are attached to their smartphones or tablets, businesses must work extra hard to be up to date with their marketing tactics and stay on top. We know this can be hard, especially when search engines change their rules as quickly as new gadgets can be sold in stores. Let’s talk about 3 important ways you can optimize your website for Local Mobile search.

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Should My Web Designer Do My SEO?

our web designer knows how to design your website – and to be fair, he or she may know a bit about SEO.  But a digital marketing agency understands SEO strategy thoroughly. Learn more about why.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

For years we’ve heard the term ‘Search Engine Optimization’ thrown around. If you’re a business owner you’ve probably been cold-called or emailed by someone wanting to help with your SEO. …

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SEO mistakes

5 SEO Mistakes You’re Making Now

The right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics are very important to put into practice if you want your business to get noticed online. But sometimes it’s hard to keep up …

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